Programma 2016

Hacking Source | Social design | Tamar Shafrir

HACKING SOURCE | blind dates 05 | ore 17.00/20.00 | in lingua INGLESE

Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, via dell’Agnolo

Sala Anna Banti

INGRESSO GRATUITO (prevista quota di iscrizione solo per avere diritto a Crediti Formativi per Architetti)

coordinatore del progetto Hacking Source: Giacomo Garziano
partner | Nefula, Università di Bolzano
designer | Tamar Shafrir |
With our program for hacking Source, we wanted to create a number of interventions in the current programming that tackle new ideas and approaches within design. We want to merge design with other disciplines to create an interdisciplinary approach that gives birth to new ideas, collaborations, and ways of seeing.
When looking at these through-lines (or interventions) through the events and workshops, our aim is to bridge tradition and novelty. This approach will create connections between traditional modes of thought and new systems of thinking through design.
The overarching strategy for the program will be cross-hatching, the process of merging the work of two individuals working in different fields, whether within design, technology, architecture, art, etc. The process of cross-hatching can be done in a creative ‘incubator’ during the course of the fair and the result would be shown to the public. Ideally the process would involve cross-disciplinary merging of ideas and work. This creates a structure of continuous evolution and focuses on the process of creation over product.
Blind dates – Our invited group of ‘hackers’, or hosts, will each be engaging in a brainstorm encounter with participants. The first encounter will involve a topic chosen by the host. After the conclusion of the first brain storm session, host A will pass on the results and ideas to the host of the second session (host B). Based on this input, host B will continue the first conversation but through the lens of their own research. This chain-like process will continue with each host, creating a generative brainstorming structure. At the end of the process, the problems will be presented during a children’s workshop, giving children the opportunity to come up with their own approaches. The ideas being developed will be published in a zine during the course of the fair, with brainstorm notes and drawings.


La partecipazione all’evento darà diritto a 3CF per tutti gli architetti iscritti agli Ordini nazionali.

Per avere diritto ai crediti: quota di iscrizione Euro 28,00

Accesso gratuito per chi non è interessato ai crediti  formativi

Opzione pacchetto completo HACKING SOURCE | blind dates 01-07  Euro 196,00 Euro 168,00 (21 CF)



Brainstorming martedì 20 settembre 2016 05:00 pm

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